We are pleased to serve individuals and families,
associations, charitable trusts and foundations.

Individuals & Families

Lipman Burgon & Partners serves a wide range of individuals and families that have created significant wealth and want to preserve their legacies, as well those who have inherited wealth and wish to manage it effectively for the benefit of current and future generations.

We take particular pride in providing tailored advice and forging deep and lasting relationships with clients. Our clients place their trust in our expertise and their financial futures under our influence. We accept and respect this responsibility.

Charities & Not For Profit Organisations

Charities and not for profit organisations are an important part of our client base. We have considerable expertise in this complex area, including advising on investment policy frameworks and undertaking sophisticated asset allocation modelling.

Balancing operational needs with future requirements can be difficult, which is why we place great importance on governance, compliance and transparency. This provides you with the comfort and security of knowing your organisation is on solid financial ground while managing its affairs in a way that is consistent with its business and ethical goals.